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Welcome to Chameesha Bamboo Blinds.pvt.ltd

welcome to chameesha blinds
Chameesha Bamboo Blinds was established in 1997 and within this 20 years it has become the largest bamboo blinds production company in Sri Lanka.We are famous as the best bata palali distributors among Sri Lankans. Our clients are not only from Sri Lanka but also from whole over the world.The key for the success of our company is high quality products and the excellent service for favourable prices.And we are the one who has wide variety of unique design collection of bamboo blinds compared to other local businesses.

Our Services

  • Production of Bamboo Blinds

    Production of Bamboo Blinds

    • Maintains the international quality standards

    • Every blind comes with a wind lock which prolongs the life time of the blind

    • No need for advance payments

  • Transport of Bamboo Blinds

    Transport of Bamboo Blinds

    • Brought to and fixed properly at any place in the island

    • Transport and supply is totally free arround Sri Lanka

    • Safe delivery for overseas with a shipping fee