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Creativity and Recognision

Chameesha Bamboo Blinds is an award-winning Bamboo Blinds manufacture & design agency helping people across the Sri Lanka to improve their houses’ interior using the best shaders.

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Transforming Your Space

Our company has been the leading provider of quality bamboo blinds to customers since 1990. We pay attention to every aspect of our work.

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Wide Product Variety

Our products have a variety of designs, finishes and performance features that allow you to choose just what you need for your new interior.

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Experience since 1997

Chameesha Bamboo Blinds was established in 1997 and within this 20 years it has become the largest bamboo blinds production company in Sri Lanka.

International Bata palali Distributor

We are famous as the best bata palali distributor among Sri Lankans. Our clients are not only from Sri Lanka but also from whole over the world.

High Quality Bamboo Blind Unique Collection

The key for the success of our company is high quality products and the excellent service for favourable prices.And we are the one who has wide variety of unique design collection of bamboo blinds compared to other local businesses.

Top Management

Get in Touch with Chameesha Blinds

We are available 24/7 by fax, e-mail or by phone. You can also use our quick contact form to ask a question about our services and projects.